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Indignation06: the mai hum remix - rock! riot! make shift! stay left! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
::singafemmes::the feminist response in singapore

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Indignation06: the mai hum remix [Aug. 29th, 2006|09:02 pm]
::singafemmes::the feminist response in singapore


Late to the party, as always. I bring a stealth item to the table.

The following text is extracted from a booklet I unearthed by accident among my mountains of junk in the house (family of serious packrats, we are), dating back to my days in school uniform. The publisher's notice does say that no part of the booklet may be reproduced without permission, but they were giving them out for free (in a secular single-sex school, I note), so I really don't see any ethical objection to my putting it up for discussion.

I do have my own thoughts about it, but I'd like to hear others' opinions unprejudiced by my own.

What every teen should know about homosexuality
Sinclair Rogers
Understanding Homosexuality
Lifelinks Limited, 1999

To be GAY means more than having homosexual feelings. Being 'Gay' usually means that a person with homosexual feelings has decided to get into homosexual relationships AND join with others who will encourage a homosexual way of life. This is called GAY LIFESTYLE.

Gay activists imply that accepting homosexuality as normal and good, is to be hip, cool, progressive, enlightened, sensitive and compassionate. But to dare think that homosexuality is morally wrong or abnormal is to be ignorant, hateful, bigoted, backward and fearful… and who wants to be thought of as someone who isn't cool and progressive! So the pressure is 'on' to accept homosexuality.

[homosexuals have shorter lifespans, are more likely to attempt suicide/become alcoholic, tend to be promiscuous/unfaithful, are at greater risk of cancer/AIDS]

People are NOT 'Born Gay'… in spite of all the media hype about some recent research. Science has not found a 'gay gene' or brain structure that results in homosexuality. […] Homosexuals often share similar types of experiences in childhood and teen years, which strongly suggest that homosexuality is the result of problems in identity development beginning in childhood. [...poor relationship with same-sex parent, insecurity in identity, sexual molestation as children...] It is easy to see how such experiences can lead to problems, including homosexuality!

When asked 'Why did you adopt a gay lifestyle?', the top three answers given were:
- To find a place to belong… to be accepted
- To experience affection and intimacy
- The inability to relate well with others
It is clear that to want acceptance or affection is normal and really has nothing to do with homosexuality. However, if a person has not experienced acceptance or closeness with others, then such a person could be at greater risk of finding it wherever it is available even if that means through undesirable relationships.

Considering all these things, it is wrong and cruel to mistreat people due to a condition they did not choose. To show consideration, understanding and respect to someone who has a homosexual condition, is NOT the same as approving of homosexuality. Unfortunately, many homosexuals have been mistreated in their childhood and teen years. So, as adults, they find it easier and safer to enter into a gay lifestyle, seeking to find love and happiness in the best way that they can.

Can homosexuality be overcome? The answer is YES! But NOT easily, especially the longer one stays involved in homosexual activities. However… there are many, many men and women who have overcome homosexual BEHAVIOR and DESIRES. […comparison to overcoming drug/alcohol addiction…] People can grow beyond a life controlled by homosexuality.

Gay activists say that homosexuality cannot be overcome, and that to suggest that one can recover from it is a 'false hope'. In fact, activists would encourage young people who think they might be gay, to embrace it and be proud of being gay. It should be noted that gay activists would probably never be fair about this issue, as they have social and political plans to protect and promote. Fortunately, research reveals the rest of the story that activists would like to cover up.

Being informed, is important. […] Correct information can help us to help others, and will also keep us from being misled by today's pop culture misinformation that says homosexuality is a normal, healthy lifestyle that is unchangeable. The fact is homosexuality does not have to control a person's life. Homosexuality CAN be overcome.